Daniel Kang

I’m a software engineer. I’m interested in graphics programming, tool development, C# language, and .NET technologies.

Personal Projects

  • Tomato Renderer
    • Tomato renderer is an XNA-based rendering middle-ware.
    • Supports
      • Light pre-pass rendering (a.k.a. deferred lighting)
      • SSAO
      • Filmic tone-mapping
      • Depth-of-field
      • Windows Forms support
      • Scene-graph system.
  • Allure
    • Allure is a development platform for Visual Studio add-in applications.
  • Tomato Social
    • ‘Tomato Social provides an unified and simplified access to various SNS services such as Twitter and Facebook.


  • “Efficient Point Rendering Method using Sequential Level-of-Detail.”; Daniel Kang, Byeong-Seok Shin; Proceedings CIS 2005(LNAI); Springer, Dec 2005.
  • “Real-Time Point-Based Rendering Using Visibility Map.”; Byeong-Seok Shin, Dong-Ryeol Oh, Daniel Kang; IEICE Transactions 91-D(1): 124-133 (2008), Jan 2008.
  • “Java Network Programming”; Daniel Kang; Daerim Books, 2001. (Published in Korean)



  • NHN corp. / Programmer
  • Galaxy Games / Technical Lead
  • Nexon Devcat Studio / Programmer
  • Softnyx / Programmer